Student Life Hope Church Huddersfield

Being a student is a great time to give clear thought to what life is all about. Student years are a bit like life – before you know it, they’re over! Why not take the time to discover life as it’s really supposed to be, by exploring who Jesus is at Hope Church?

Our church is committed to serving students. We encourage students who know very little about Jesus Christ to come along to our Sunday services. You’ll hear who Jesus is from the Bible, and you’ll see the difference he makes in Christians’ lives.

Students who already have a Christian faith will find Hope a centre for strong Bible teaching and training. Through sermons, Bible studies, discussions and away times, you’ll grow in your faith, and build relationships which will be a blessing for years to come.

Fancy a chat? Starting Uni life can be really tough. Can we help? Our student team is keen to serve you, so if we can be any help to you, or you just want to say hi, please be in touch.

Get in touch with us at to find out more.

Focus is our Hope student group, a community where lasting friendships are made and where people look out for each other. Students meet on Sunday afternoons in term time to go deeper into the Bible and to enjoy getting to know Christ and each other better. This term we’re meeting online on Sundays while there are ongoing lockdown restrictions, and we’ll be studying the Book of Romans.

Focus is currently held on zoom from 3.45-5pm on Sunday afternoons. Drop us an email and we’ll give you the login details.

Mid-Year Conference. Each winter there is a very popular Student getaway, when we relax together, enjoy good food, and learn about Jesus.

international students

Hope Church runs the Huddersfield Globe Cafe which is a free to attend weekly event for all international students from Huddersfield University. Globe Cafe is currently on hold due to Covid-19 restrictions, but when its back up and running International students are welcome to come along to make new student and local friends, practice conversational English skills, and enjoy our weekly themed activities.

Huddersfield CU

Hope Church supports the work of Huddersfield University Christian Union (CU). We encourage students to get involved in the CU whilst at University in Huddersfield and help support them in their mission to live and speak for Jesus on campus. We are also part of the CU’s Advisory Committee, and are committed to supporting them in many practical ways as they share the gospel with their fellow students on campus. To find out more about Huddersfield Christian Union why not take a look at their page on the UCCF website here.