Apprenticeship Scheme 2021-22

The Opportunity
Hope Church is looking to harness two apprentices, one male, one female, to serve with us from September 2020 for one year, with an option of extending the apprenticeship for a second year.At Hope we firmly believe that the place for Christians to mature in faith and gifts is in supportive relationships in the local church. Ministry involvement in the church is also the best context for anyone to test out whether the Lord might be calling them to a particular future ministry.

The Church
Hope Church is a Reformed Baptist Church in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, and is a member church of the FIEC (Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches). We began life in 2011, and are seeking to reach out with the Gospel in a vibrant and diverse town. All at Hope are encouraged to discover and share their ministry gifts.

The Apprentices
Applicants will be Christians who already have a level of spiritual maturity, and an enthusiasm to grow in understanding and Christian character. Our apprentices will explore and develop their gifts for ministry, and need to have a heart to serve in the life of the church.


What the apprenticeship involves

 Growth in Grace
We want to help you to grow in grace, and you will be mentored so that you can grow in your faith, understanding of the Gospel, commitment to the Lord’s work, and development of Christian character. 

 Growth in Understanding
Our Apprentices study a day each week in term time on the Yorkshire Bible Training Course, which runs in York. In addition, apprentices will read and study books under the Elders’ direction.

 Growth in Ministry Gifting
We will give provide opportunities to serve which match apprentices’ gifts, be they in outreach, internationals’ work, youth and children, or student work. 

Growth for the Future
Not all Apprentices will be called by God into full-time Christian ministry, but all believers are called to grow and serve. Whatever their future avenue of service, we want those who serve as Apprentices here at Hope to count their training with us as a real investment for a fruitful life of service.

 Growing as a member of a loving, growing church family
We believe that the local church us at the centre of God’s plans for the world. Hope is a community where people belong, learn and serve together. We want to give our Apprentices the very best involvement with us as part of a diverse and enthusiastic church.

Where will you live?
We seek to accommodate Apprentices with a church family, or will endeavour to provide accommodation for which we pay the rent.

How will you cope financially?
We will offer Apprentices a grant of £3k per year each, and will give appropriate ministry expenses. Accommodation is covered, though Apprentices will be responsible for all of their food and living expenses.

The associate scheme is a voluntary trainee position, not an employee position. Alongside the grant from Hope of £3k from Hope, we encourage Apprentices to seek donations from friends, family and home church in order to bring their resources up to an adequate level

Application process
Please complete the application form and return it to Lewis Allen (details on form).

Church Apprenticiship application