Our Vision as a Church

As Hope Church we seek to be a vibrant and diverse community of Christians working together for the good of Huddersfield and beyond, for the honour of Christ.  At Hope we work to ensure that all may know the power of Christ shaping us through the Word of God by the Spirit, so that we live fruitful lives in his service.

Our values at Hope Church

We are an evangelising church

We work to see local people coming to a saving faith in Christ, and finding true life in him.

Therefore, We are a growing church

We want all who are Christians to grow in their faith.

Therefore, We are a praying church

We  recognise that prayer is one of our top priorities, as we seek the Lord’s power to teach, transform and use us.

Therefore, We are a learning church

We are committed to providing excellent Bible ministry, to serve the youngest through to the oldest in the church family, so that all may develop in Christ.

Therefore, We are a serving church

We strive to obey what the Lord is teaching us in order to serve Him, and encourage all to be active in Gospel work.

Therefore, We are a caring church

We seek to look after one another effectively, expressing authentic Christian love in and beyond the church.