All church gatherings and activities are currently suspended due to the current situation with the Corona (Covid 19) virus. This tracks current governmental directives for religious organisations. 

Church services on a Sunday and Life Groups are currently taking place on Zoom which is a video conferencing platform online. This is an excellent way to meet together during self-isolation.

We have excellent technological means to stay in touch with each other, we are encouraging church members to stay in touch via things like WhatsApp, Skype and Zoom. We really do need each other, and in this season when most of us are feeling increased levels of stress and vulnerability, we need to encourage each other all the more. And let’s be upholding each other in prayer, too.

If you are diagnosed with coronavirus, are in isolation, or are aware of church family who are, please contact us by phone or email (07974 041585 / so that we can provide appropriate care and support.